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General Department Of Logistics

Secretariat of National Logistics Steering Committee

Department of Logistics Information

Department of Logistics Information is under direct supervision of General Department of Logistics which has duties as determined in provision 39 of sub-decree No. 216 ANKr/BK dated on October 13, 2016 on the Organization and Functioning of Ministry of Public Works and Transport as the following:

  • Collect Logistics data in local and international markets
  • Conduct research and analyze Logistics data
  • Sum up and promote Logistics data
  • Utilize Logistics data as basis in order set up national Logistics policies
  • Research new technologies with the purpose of promoting multi-modal transport sectors in Logistics and Transport
  • Compose and store related documents relevant to Logistics and Transport sectors
  • Compose and announce information, law and regulations, cost and related documents relevant to Multi-modal transport and Logistics domestically and internationally
  • Develop curriculum and trainings on Logistics
  • Push the agreement and approval relevant to Logistics and Transport sector
  • Partner with other research institutions and academies of Logistics sector
  • Coordinate and organize consultation meetings with relevant partners in private sectors in order to monitor and manage Logistics Industrial Development
  • Communicate and cooperate with other Transport and Logistics Information Center both in Cambodia and abroad especially with other countries in ASEAN communities in order to collect data and build up relationship
  • Submit periodic activity reports to the Ministry’s leadership
  • Perform other tasks as assigned by the Director.

Department’s Structure

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