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Project Progress

Table below shows the list of projects in the Interim Master Plan.onIntermodal Transport Connectivity and LogisticsSystem (ITC-LS). General Department of Logistics (GDL) has monitored the short-term and medium-term projects in this Interim Master Plan.

Snapshots of Progress of Master Plan Projects

No.Project nameResponsible InstitutionCurrent Stage
Strategic Area 1: Sustainable Transport Infrastructure
1Debottlenecking of the Central Subcorridor (NR 1) (P11-S1)GDPW, MPWTConstruction Stage
2Project for Debottlenecking of the Southern Coastal Subcorridor (P11-S3) National Road 48 (P11-S3)GDPW, MPWTConstruction Stage
3Debottlenecking of the Intercorridor Link (Sihanoukville-Phnom Penh Section) (P11-S2)GDPW, MPWTConstruction Stage
4Sihanoukville Port Capacity Enhancement Project (P14-S1)PASConstruction Stage
7Water Taxi Development Project (P15-S2)Capital City of Phnom PenhOperational stage
8Northern Line Railway Improvement Project (Phase 2) (P12-M1)Department of railwayConstruction Stage
9Southern Line/Sihanoukville Port Access Railway Improvement Project (Phase 1) (P12-M2) Department of railwayConstruction Stage
10Phnom Penh Port Competitiveness Enhancement Project (Phase 2) (P15-L1)PPAPPreparation Stage
11Expansion of central subcorridor (P11-L1)GDPW, MPWTFeasibility Study
12Expansion of National Roads 1, 3, 4 and 6 (P11-L3)GDPW, MPWTConstruction Stage
13Phnom Penh Ring Road No.3 (P25-L1)GDPW, MPWT Construction Stage
Strategic Area 2: SMART Logistics
1Bavet Cross-Border Improvement Project (Phase 1) (Extension of Service Hours and Alignment with those of Viet Nam) (P21-S1)MPWT and relevant institutionOngoing
2Phnom Penh Logistics Complex Projects (P23-S1) GDL, MPWT Feasibility study
3Sihanoukville Logistics Complex (SHV-LC) (P23-S2)GDL, MPWT Preparation stage
4Phnom Penh Air Cargo Hub Development Project (P24-S1)SSCAUnder Construction
7Border Clearance Procedure Improvement Project (Phase 1) (P32-S1) GDCEDevelopment Stage
8Best Traders Incentive Mechanism Promotion Project (Phase 1) (P33-S1) GDCENot yet start
9Working Environment Improvement Project (P34-S1) GDCEDevelopment Stage
10Trade and Cross-Border Agreements Acceleration Project (P53-S1)GDLT, MPWTDevelopment Stage
11Cross-Border Transport Permit Facilitation Project (P53-S2)GDLT, MPWTDevelopment Stage
12Green Logistics Promotion Policy (P43-M1) GDPP, MPWT Under preparation
13Cross-Border Insurance System Development Project (P53-M1) GDLT, MPWTDevelopment Stage
Strategic Area 3: Human and Technical Development in Logistics
1Institutional and Capacity Building for Customs and Customs Brokers (P33-S2) GDCEDevelopment Stage
2Public Private Dialogue (P42-S1) GDL, MPWTDevelopment Stage
3Truck Modernization Project (Phase 1) (P43-S1)GDLT, MPWTGDLT, MPWT
4Logistics Technical Training Center Development Project (Phase1) (P41-S1)GDLT, MPWT Development Stage
Strategic Area 4: Strengthening of Legal and Institutional Framework
1Development of Railway Regulatory Framework (P52-S1) Department of RailwayDevelopment stage
2Development of Inland waterway transport and Port Regulatory Framework (P52-S2)GDWMP, MPWTPreparation stage
3Training and Research Centre for Logistics (TRCL)GDL, MPWT Development Stage
4Capacity Building for M&E Officials of GDLGDL, MPWT Operational Stage

Source: Annual Report (2021) on Implementation of Interim Master Plan on Intermodal Transport Connectivity and Logistics System of Cambodia, prepared by Department of Logistics Monitoring and Evaluation, GDL, MPWT.