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Phnom Penh Ring Road No.3 (P25-L1)

This project for Phnom Penh Ring Road No. 3 (including Truck Traffic Control Measures) includes: (i) Construction of the new road and (ii) the revision of track ban (after completion of the ring road).

The project is supposed to reduce the traffic congestion in the south-north roads in the city and the east-west of the city across the Bassac River, which supports the process of socio-economic development and urbanization.

The project has been implemented by the General Department of Public Works (GDPW) and financed by China.

Some of the project benefits include:

  1. more efficient logistics and related services
  2. acceleration of new support businesses in the complex
  3. restraint increased traffic volume cased from logistics.

Currently, the project is ongoing. The project achieved 59.08% of overall progress. In fact, the main activities under this project are as follows:

  1. Construction of new road; and
  2. Revision of heavy truck ban (after completion of the ring road)
    This project also encounters some challenges including the spread of Covid-19 disease and the compensation/resettlement has not been solved as planned.