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About National Logistics Council

About the National Logistics Council

The National Logistics Council (NLC) is an executing agent of the Royal Government and leads, manages and promotes the development of the logistics sector in Cambodia. Logistics refers to the integration of preparation, management, facilitation and development of the key elements as follows:

  1. System to facilitate import and export procedures and cross-border transport

  2. Trade and transport infrastructures including land, railway, maritime, waterway, air, and port

  3. Capacity and quality of logistics service providers including institutions which are involved in movement, storage, distribution and transit of goods

  4. Provision of timely and reliable logistics services

  5. Convenience for transporting the goods with competitive prices to international markets

  6. Information system to monitor the flow of goods and passengers

NLC has the roles and responsibilities as follows:

  • Provide guidelines for the formulation of policies, strategies, master plans, action plans and legal instruments in the management, operation and development of the logistics sector in the Kingdom of Cambodia;
  • Coordinate and finalize the strategies, master plans, action plans and legal instruments of the logistics sector prior to its submission to the Royal Government for review and approval;
  • Prioritize the development of short-, medium- and long-term logistics sectors;
  • Mobilize the support for financial, technical and human resources which are needed to promote the development of the logistics sector;
  • Supervise the work performance and provide recommendations to solve problems in logistics sector;
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Royal Government;

National Logistics Council Structure

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Members of National Logistics Council

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