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Cambodia Logistics Associations (CLA)

CLA is a professional logistics association which connects both domestic and international logistics enterprises as well as logistics businesses and government policy makers. CLA was established in 2004 with 39 members including international logistics companies and Cambodian logistics companies. CLA was originally named as Cambodia Freight Forwarders Association (CAMFFA) and then renamed as CLA in April 2020. Currently, CLA consists of 124 members in total, including two categories - i.e., regular members and associate members. CLA aims at strengthening the Cambodia Freight Forwarding Industry and conduct some advocacy activities vis-à-vis the government. CLA represents the interests of its members in the national and international contexts. CLA provides a variety of relevant services and training program to enhance service levels and assist in solving business obstacles for its members. CLA also organizes some business meetings to connect logistics professionals with business leaders.

Cambodia Trucking Association (CAMTA)

CAMTA is a non-profit organization which is neutral and of non-discrimination against race, region and political tendencies. CAMTA was established in 2004 in order to protect the business rights as well as to advocate for its members’ and public interests. This association’s main aim is to promote and improve the business environment in inland transport. CAMTA consist of 30 trucking companies, including 2 companies have been operating for cross border transportation between Cambodia and Vietnam. Some members have their own dry ports and the others have their own container depots. The total of trucks owned by CAMTA members could be around 300 trucks