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In Cambodia, the Road Network and Infrastructure have been expanded and improved to promote the transport sector with high effectiveness and better cost for the local and foreign investors. Roads are categorized into National Roads (1-digit and 2-digit), Provincial Roads (3-digit or 4-digit), and Rural Roads. There are two ministries manage these roads: 1) Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) manages National and Provincial roads, and 2) Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) manages unpaved roads in rural area. The total length of road network, that MPWT manages, has been expanded from 16,569 km in 2019 to 18,125 km in 2020.

Length of Road Network in Cambodia 2020


Road Network in Cambodia

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There has been significant progress in road infrastructure development in Cambodia. First is the Phnom Penh−Sihanoukville Expressway project. This is the first expressway in Cambodia, with the total length of 190 km, the cost of US$ 1.9 billion, the started in March 2019, and expected completion by 2023. Second is the road infrastructure project in Sihanoukville. This project covers 34-roads with the total length of 84.5 km, the total cost of US$ 294 million, and the construction started in November 2019, and the expected completion in December 2021. Third is road infrastructure improvement project in Siem Reap city and Siem Reap Province. This project covers 38 roads, with the total length of 109 km, total cost of about US$ 150 million, the construction started in November 2020, and the inauguration in April 2022.

Map of Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville Expressway