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General Department Of Logistics

Secretariat of National Logistics Steering Committee

About National Logistics Steering Committee

The National Logistics Steering Committee (NLSC) is the executive body to manage, coordinate, operate and develop the logistics sector. NLSC has the roles and responsibilities as follows:

  • Prepare and develop the policy-related documents, strategies, master plans, action plans and legal instruments for management and development of the logistics sector in the Kingdom of Cambodia through consultation with all stakeholders in order to submit to NLC for review and approval
  • Facilitate and promote the implementation of policies, strategies, master plans, action plans and legal instruments of the logistics sector in effective, efficient and sustainable manner;
  • Enhance the implementation of plans related to international logistics under ASEAN and Global framework;
  • Examine and propose the revision or amendments to legal instruments related to the logistics sector sot that it is consistent with the applicable laws;
  • Seek financial resources for management, operation, support and promotion of logistics development;
  • Prepare baseline data and indicators for monitoring and evaluating the progress of the implementation of action plans of other ministries, institutions and the private sector as stated in the Logistics Master Plan;
  • Prepare the performance report to NLC;
  • Perform other duties as assigned by NLC;