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Shipping Agencies

Shipping agency is a designated person or company acting on behalf of the principal (ship owner), who is responsible for administering all the needs of the ships, including its crew and the cargos upon the ship’s arrival, during the stay at the port, and upon the departure from the port. Usually, these agency functions are provided by the private sector under the competitive environment. However, in Cambodia, there was only one public company called Kampuchea Shipping Agency and Brokers (KAMSAB). This business sector was monopolized until 2019 and KAMSAB was the only shipping agent throughout the country and at all international ports. Quite often international shipping companies needed to hire other shipping lines as an agent/broker—this agent/broker needs to handle administrative functions with KAMSAB. Therefore, the total costs tended to be higher than normal. Under these circumstances, international logistics companies and business associations have complained about this inefficient institutional framework. In February 2019, the RGC decided to dissolve KAMSAB and open this business market for competition. This market liberalization leading to the reduction of the logistics costs was warmly welcomed by the business community. Today, some shipping lines act as a shipping agency for themselves and others.