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Master Plan Objective

Goals of “Interim Master Plan on Intermodal Transport Connectivity and Logistics System” consist of:

  1. To transform the inadequate transport system in Cambodia into a comprehensive, fully developed, high quality and climate change resilience infrastructure and sustainable national transport system to accommodate population and employment growth for all by 2030.
  2. To enhance regional integration in the global supply chain through seamless transport and high connectivity in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS).
  3. To enhance industrial competitiveness through stronger production networks, optimum transport under efficient network and hubs, and modal-mix. (multiimage).
  4. To identify rail and water transport as priority sectors that complement road transport, and through this process, to determine and establish Transport and Logistics Hubs that are essential to ensure seamless connectivity between road, waterway, and railway.
  5. To enhance competition in logistics through high quality, diversified and efficient logistics services to respond various demands.
  6. To contribute to poverty reduction and contribution to the achievements of the SDGs by facilitating movement of people, goods, and services, by fostering domestic markets, and promoting tourism and rural development.
  7. To enhance the well-being and livelihood of Cambodian peoples through improved connectivity to economic centers within the country and mobility for all modes of transportation.