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Expansion of National Roads 1, 3, 4 and 6 (P11-L3)

The project implemented by the General Department of Public Works (GDPW) entails widening of all or part of NR/NH 1, NR/NH 3, NR/NH 4, and NR/NH 6.

Currently, the project is ongoing and has been achieved 96,13% of overall progress. In fact, the main activities under this project are as follows:

  1. Widening of NR/NH 1 has been completed (100%)
  2. Widening of NR/NH 3 has been progress 89%
  3. Widening of NR/NH 4 which has not been started yet
  4. Widening of NR/NH 6 has been progress 90.4%

This project also encounters some challenges including:

  • Compensation/resettlement on the NR/NH 3 (4 lanes) for urban area has been
  • The maintenance/repair of road damage on the old road is not on time which
    affected the traffic.
  • Dust that affects traffic and people on both sides of the road
  • Insufficient number of construction site sign
  • There are protests from some resident that do not want to build a road park/garden on the middle lane, which has hindered the construction of the road
    for a while
  • There is a delay in the construction of the first bridge because the market-owner
    and some resident want to delay and relocate the project site
  • The floods in October 2020, have impact some sections of the road and damage
    the existing road foundations and some bridge works
  • The COVID-19 pandemic also affects both domestic and foreign workers.