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Sihanoukville Port Capacity Enhancement Project (P14-S1)

The project aims to develop a new container terminal, multi-purpose terminal andoperational management to increase the cargo handling capacity and enhancelogistics functions of Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (PAS). The project containsfollowing three components:1. Construction of New Container Terminal (Phase 1), including Dredging of PortBasin and Channel up to 13.8m and Construction of access road and Bridgeinto New Container Terminal2. Construction of Multi-purpose Terminal3. Operational and Management Improvement of Container Terminal inSihanoukville Port (Phase2)The objectives of this project is to enhance and increase the capacity of PAS and willconsequently contribute to strengthen the economic base of Cambodia and ensure thegrowth of its economy.This project is implemented by PAS with the budget from JICA-ODA Loan & TechnicalAssistance Programme. The project provides benefits including reducing logisticscosts, increasing the volume of cross-port trade and increasing the efficiency of portoperations.Currently, this project is on-going with the overall project has done (65%). The projectprogress through various components includes:1. Construction of New Container Terminal (Phase 1): is now under thePreparation of Bidding Documents and Tender Assistance Stage2. Construction of Multi-purpose Terminal had been completed 100% and startedto operatesince June 20183. Operational and Management Improvement of PAS (Phase2) have beenachieved 90% of its plan and is scheduled to completed in January 2022.