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Cross-Border Transport Permit Facilitation Project (P53-S2)

The project aims to create an effective system for cross-border transport permits according to the quota that has been agreed with through Bilateral Agreements, in order to optimize and accelerate the usage of cross-border vehicles by the industries, which is in the study phase.

This project has been implemented by the General Department of Land Transport (GDLT) and Department of Information Technology and Public Relations (ITPR). Overall, the project will have the following economic benefits:

  1. Reduction of time and cost necessary for obtaining the cross-border transport permits
  2. Increased awareness on the permit application procedures, thus more effective usage of the quotas will be possible
  3. With a more streamlined application procedure and system for the permits, strategic management of the permits will be possible by the government, which would be the baseline of the quota negotiations with the neighboring countries
  4. With the expansion of permit usage, transport cost will be decreased without having to change trucks or trans-load at the border for industries with cross-border businesses