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Green Logistics Promotion Policy (P43-M1)

Based on the baseline study conducted in P43-S1 and other existing action plans and policies related to green logistics, the intra- and inter-ministerial task force team was established set and the action plan to promote green logistics has been developed. It is important to initiate the public and private actions which may first enhance the awareness on the importance on green logistics in Cambodia and develop incentives or promotion system to provide more eco-friendly services.

This project is supposed to provide key benefits including: (i) penetration of the concept of green logistics and not using of environmentally harmful logistics services, and further to control CO2 emissions from logistics industry and (ii) acceleration of the modal shifts from land transportation to other modes of logistics such as railways and inland waterways.

The General Department of Planning and Policy has already drafted the Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) for Transport Sector 2020-2023 in 2020. With support from JICA, the special Working Group composed by relevant departments of MPWT was established in December 2020 to add actions relevant with logistics into the CCAP for the Transport Sector. In May 2021, the Working Group finalized the final draft of CCAP for the transport sector for the official approval from the Senior Minister.