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General Department Of Logistics

Secretariat of National Logistics Steering Committee

Public Private Dialogue (P42-S1)

The one of the main roles of GDL is to lead, manage and facilitate all related logistics works with the private sector. GDL acts as the secretariat of both National Logistics Council and National Logistics Steering Committee. Therefore, GDL has been building up and broadening relationships with the private sector.

For 2021, due to the spread of Covid-19 disease in Cambodia, GDL did not organize direct public-private dialogue meetings. However, GDL has organized a corporate survey via online to collect inputs and data related to the logistics costs and time in Cambodia and abroad. GDL has maintained close ties with CAMTA and CLA, and inviting these associations. Moreover, the private sector also participated in the dissemination workshop on the second progress report on the implementation of the National Master Plan on Multipurpose Connectivity and Logistics.