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Training and Research Centre for Logistics (TRCL)

The Training and Research Centre for Logistics (TRCL) was officially established in January 2019 under Prakas No. 005 PrK.SK dated on 9th January 2019. TRCL plays an important role in curriculum development and related training to logistics sector, which has four sections such as; General Affair section, Curriculum Development and Training Courses section, Research and Development section (R&D), and Information Technology Communication and Publishing section.

Recently, the following improvements and achievements have been made with TRCL:

  • GDL and TRCL have established OLP along with the financial support from the private sector, and OLP would work both on PCs and mobile phones; TRLC has decided to use the Domain Name: which is linked to the website of MPWT; and as of 27th August 2021, the development of OLP has achieved over 95%, and has been providing the training courses to GDL staffs on how to manage the entire platform.
  • Expected results: TRCL would contribute to human resources capacity building in the logistics sector of GDL/MPWT and the stakeholders; it also consists of online training system with high quality and professional skills.