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Development of Inland waterway transport and Port Regulatory Framework (P52-S2)

Development of the ports and inland waterway regulatory framework is essential to define and meet international standards for safe and efficient operation. The key components of the project include the following:

  1. Enactment of the draft on Inland Waterway and Ports Laws
  2. Enactment of the legal framework on Inland Waterway and Ports, and strengthening of the existing regulatory framework.

This project is implemented by General Department of Waterway Maritime transport and Port, MPWT with the national budget which will have the following economic benefits to each beneficiary: (i) With concrete standards and operation manuals at an international level in place, a more safe and reliable operation will be possible (government, port/waterway operators), (ii) Lower entry barriers for private operators and increase private sector involvement in the sector, and (iii) Waterway and Maritime cross-border operation will be accelerated.

Currently, the project is on-going with the progress 50%. The project progress through various components includes:

  1. Developing the drafted law on Inland waterway transport and port: 50%.
  2. Developing the legal framework related to Inland Waterway Transport and Ports 30%

The project also faced several obstacles, including the lack of technical and the need for more training and research activities