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Working Environment Improvement Project (P34-S1)

The General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia is implementing this project to improve the working environment of both government agencies and private sector to eliminate unnecessary payments by setting up the welfare fund (for officials who are working overtime). The project is composed by the following components: (i) establishment of the welfare fund system; (ii) implementation of the document acceptance counter and separation of the office and waiting areas with CCTV cameras; and (iii) implementation of the “original later” policy.

Currently, the project has completed (100%) as follows:

  1. There is no welfare fund system in place, however, GDCE has complied with the Law on the General Statute of Civil Servants and the Code of Ethics and Conduct of Cambodian Customs and Excise Officials.
  2. Implemented the full electronic customs clearance procedure through the ASYCUDA system at all ports, completing all customs procedures. Through this system, importers, exporters or brokers can submit documents from their company or a separate computer room or place with internet access, which has completed 100%.
  3. Implemented accepting photocopied of required documents via electronic whereas the required documents for audit in accordance with applicable law can be submitted late, which has completed 100%.