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Sihanoukville Logistics Complex (SHV-LC) (P23-S2)

The Sihanoukville Logistics Complex Project (SHV-LC) was organized by Department of Logistics Cooperation of GDL, with the technical assistance and pre-feasibility study by International Financial Corporation (IFC) of WB along with the support and coordination by PPP Unit of MEF. The main objectives of conducting the pre-feasibility study are:

  1. Increase the capacity and efficiency of transporting inbound and outbound commodities through Sihanoukville port and in the Logistics Complex;

  2. Provide a long-term logistics solution in Cambodia for inbound and outbound, domestic and international freight transport;

  3. Increase trade efficiencies with other countries by offering high-quality infrastructure and logistics services in line with the international standard;

  4. rease value-added logistics services by reserving a high quality of goods via the logistics complex;

  5. Reduce the original logistics cost on incoming/outgoing freight transport from the logistics complex; 1.Make Cambodia become one of the regional logistics hubs in ASEAN.

SHV-LC project will be formally submitted to “Inter-ministerial Commission for Policy on Development of Public-Private Partnership Mechanisms” to review and approve for the continuation of Full Feasibility Study (FFS) in which IFC may conduct detailed study in fields of laws, technologies, and trades in order to provide the best choice of PPP as well as to provide strategic communication with stakeholders, to prepare for bidding documents, and to provide further marketing advices with potential foreign investors for this project.

  • IFC’s Technical Working Group was selected to conduct a pre-feasibility study on the Sihanoukville Logistics Complex Development Project (SHV-LC), and the IFC’s Country Manager discussed the Financial Advisory Service Agreement. Then, IFC and GDL held a kick-off Meeting to review and discuss further.
  • Sihanoukville Logistics Complex Development Project (SHV-LC) was submitted to the Ministry of Economy and Finance in order to put it into the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) framework on 30 April 2020.
  • Due to the spread of Covid-19 pandemic and the uncertainty of land location in Sihanoukville Autonomous Port, the project was postponed.
  • General Department of Logistics (GDL), Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and International Finance Corporation (IFC) have been working altogether in order to review the IFC’s New Approach in preparing the Feasibility Study of Sihanoukville Logistics Complex Development Project (SHV-LC) including the study of potential location and feasibility study.
  • The SHV-LC project is proposed in the Logistics Master Plan studied by JICA, and the other master plan studies (Free Port) should be consistent with the previous master plan. In this case, JICA is the only unit that did the job.
  • MPWT has officially requested to MEF for the feasibility study and it was approved on December 31, 2021, and MPWT was advised to review the draft on Financial Advisory Service Agreement (FASA)