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Logistics Technical Training Center Development Project (Phase1) (P41-S1)

In order to address the issues of shortages of skilled drivers for heave vehicles, MPWT (including GDLT) established Heavy Truck Training Centre in November 2018 and continued to provide training courses as well as issuing driving license for heavy truck. It is aimed for further management and construction of the new training center, training yard, and exam center for heavy truck which shall be in operation by February 4, 2021 along the NR 5, Sangkat Samrong, Khan Prek Pnov, Phnom Penh aiming at providing the training courses and increasing the skilled truck drivers in line with the international standard.

This project has been implemented by the General Department of Land Transport (GDLT). Currently, the project is still ongoing. The project already achieved 15% of overall progress. In fact, the main activities under this project are as follows:

  1. Assessment and analysis of the current conditions achieved 85%
  2. Formulation of the development plan (Soft Component) achieved 95%
  3. Formulation of the Truck Driving School Development Plan (Hard Component) achieved 75%
  4. Implementation of the Truck Driving School Plan achieved 15%.

This project also encounters some challenges such as:

  • Shortages of human resources
  • High costs for training courses needed
  • Shortages of semi-trailers. In response to this, the working group also proposed some solution such as providing some discount on the training courses;
  • Reductions of training sessions, and request for training-related documents for free