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Port Management System Enhancement Project (P31-S2)

This project aims to facilitate the collection and sharing of port and terminal related information between port users and PAS. It is expected to reduce the congestion in the port area, which will contribute to seamless border management. Moreover, the project is expected to provide support for the expansion of trade and cargo services.

The project aims to improve the port management system called Container Terminal Management System (CTMS) and Single Window System (SWS) of the Sihanoukville autonomous port.

This project is implemented by Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (PAS) with PAS's Budget. Overall, the project will have following economic benefits to each beneficiary: (i) Reductions of congestion of the port and surrounding area (ii) Connecting the CTMS to pre-gate system of the inland depot and ease the port congestion; and (iii) Computerized payment system. Moreover, the project will increase the competitiveness of Cambodia’s logistics sector.

Currently, the project is On-going with the overall project progress (70%). The project progress through various components includes:

  1. Connect the Container Terminal Management System (CTMS) to the truck operating companies progress 20% and inland dry port operators and make it easy to exchange truck and container information with PAS achieved 70%.
  2. Connect to the Inland Depo pre-gate system and manage the truck entry timing to the port area achieved 90%.
  3. Develop a web system for settlement of port fee and charges and connect the system each other to exchange necessary information for the port operation and port management completed 100%.